That's a Wrap!

Biggest Return On Investment in Advertising!


One vehicle with graphics can gain between 5,000 and 30,000 impressions daily.  Here’s a statistic to blow your mind: According to 3M, a company would need to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars to produce the same effects of a $3,500 vehicle wrap!

Most impressive is that you can have a car wrapped for less than almost any advertising cost and they lasts for 4-5 years. Vehicle wrap costs range from $2000 – $5,000 (Based mostly on sqft.) Even if you spend $4,250 and your car wrap lasts 4 years that boils down to about $88/month.

Can you name even one other effective piece of advertising that costs you only $88/month?  Pay per clicks don’t.  Trade magazine ads don’t.  How much is a radio ad these days?  A billboard placement?  Even commercials, which need to be filmed, produced and aired – are they $88/month?

Key points of wrap design: 

  • Remember that your artwork needs to be read at a variety of speeds and distances. You want something that is easy to understand and visually pleasing whether your vehicle is parked or zipping down the highway.
  • Keep your messages direct and simple.  The more information, the less people will remember.
    Use big, easy to read text.  Script font is very pretty but barely readable.
  • Choose a simple color scheme that's eye-catching, not eye-clashing.  
  • Avoid placing major  design elements like logos or words around major curves or molding on the vehicle.

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